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Sciatica can be debilitating and life altering. How can chiropractic care help you avoid surgery?

What causes sciatica?

The sciatic nerve originates in the lower back and runs the length of your hips down through each leg. A traumatic injury, excessive sitting or poor structural health, among other reasons, can cause a spinal disc to pinch the nerve as it runs along your spine.

This pinched nerve sends a debilitating shock down either one of your legs repeatedly.

Chiropractic Eases Sciatica

By improving mobility and correcting misalignments in the lower back, the symptoms of sciatica can be diminished or alleviated. Herniated or protruding discs can be effectively treated to allow the release of the pinched nerve.

A thorough examination of your body's current structural health will reveal whether or not chiropractic adjustments can improve your sciatica and help you avoid surgery.

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