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Persistent Crying in Healthy Infants

Parents of a colic child will tell you how frustrating it is to have a healthy infant cry out in pain for more than 3 hours a day.
It's a helpless and stressful experience.

What causes colic?

Colic is described as the uncontrollable and persistent crying that can occur in children during the first 3 months of their lives. The crying typically exists without reason placing the parent of the child in a frustrating and unmanageable situation.

While the reason behind colic has yet to be established, it’s often attributed to gastrointestinal issues.
In fact, the word colic means ‘large intestine’ which could explain the original attempt to explain the condition as originating in the bowel region.

Furthermore, infant crying has been known to subside after the infant passes gases or experiences a bowel movement.

Chiropractic Eases Colic

While not clinically proven, infant chiropractic care is reported as having a diminishing effect on the amount of crying experienced by colic infants. Vertebral subluxations found in the spine of colic children were addressed, allowing the infant increased range of motion and improved structural health.

Spinal distortions can develop in infants that experienced traumatic births. These distortions or subluxations can cause the infant to experience head and neck pain that may also contribute to the colic.

Luckily, colic is a condition that diminishes and ceases naturally over time. But why endure the helpless feeling you experience as the parent of a colic child?

Consider chiropractic care for your colic infant as an adjunct to traditional medical therapy.

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