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Chiropractic care doesn’t treat allergies.

So, why do so many people with allergies mention that they see improvement by receiving care in our practice?

It’s Not the Pollen

Many people are not aware of the connection between your nervous and immune systems. A nervous system that does not function properly does not communicate effectively and impedes your body's ability to fight infections, viruses or other conditions.

Allergic reactions are abnormal responses from your immune system to an object it recognizes as foreign. How can chiropractic mitigate the affect of allergies on your body?

Chiropractic and the Nervous System

Chiropractic seeks to restore the connection between your nervous and immune systems. By adjusting your structural integrity, your body performs optimally, alleviating certain symptoms of allergies.

We’d love to discuss your specific allergy issue and how chiropractic may help.

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