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"He is the chiropractor, with whom other chiropractors consult and refer their own patients.

Dr. Wisman restored the mobility in my neck and cured the pain naturally with spinal adjustments."

Patient Issue
Whiplash Injury
Patient Name
Jewel Hagen, CRNA, MSN

"I am fully recovered and haven’t had any pain for months!

The surgeon was positive I would require a 4 vertebra fusion surgery to get better. I had conservative spinal adjustments and non-surgical decompression at Bellevue Chiropractic. In a matter of a few appointments, I began to feel a lot better."

Patient Issue
Lower Back Pain
Patient Name
Mike Versoi, Owner of Seattle Fire Systems

"Never once have I had anything but a helpful, healing, positive experience there."

I have been coming to Bellevue Chiropractic since 1991...The knowledge of interactive medical treatment is always current and impressive...Each time I go, I come away refreshed."

Patient Issue
Misalignment Pain
Patient Name
Dr. Susan Carey

"I can't even begin to describe how Bellevue Chiropractic saved my life."

"I had been enduring bilateral flank pain severely for 10+ months...I finally went in to see Dr. Mayes at Bellevue Chiropractic. One visit to Dr. Mayes and we figured that all out!"

Patient Issue
Bilateral Flank Pain
Patient Name
Patrick Rich

My neck will be snapped.

Cervical manipulation is the safe adjustment of a person's neck to correct a subluxation (misalignment). To date, not a single neck has been 'snapped' due to cervical manipulation.

Insurance won’t cover it.

Wrong! Chiropractic care is in fact covered by most health insurance.

I’ll have to go for the rest of my life.

Retraining muscles and ligaments that support the spine takes time. Many folks choose to continue their chiropractic care on some type of periodic basis while others choose to see us from time to time. It’s your choice.

Chiropractors aren’t real doctors.

A medical doctor (MD) and a chiropractor (DC) while different, have both received a degree from a government accredited medical school or chiropractic college and are licensed to practice.

The Chiropractors


From world leaders and olympic athletes to our very own neighbors, the Bellevue Chiropractic team has brought relief to the widest scope of patients.

What To Expect


    Initial paperwork is collected and a review of your past and current medical history is conducted.


    After reviewing their findings from the previous visit, your chiropractor will carry out your first adjustment.


    A regular visit to our office is much shorter than your first two appointments. Most visits are only 10 minutes long.

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